Are you working from home? Here are some of our tips…

tips for working from home

Are you working from home? Here are some of our tips…

Pictured above home study area designed by MSID for our Caulfield Residence Project.- featuring a chair and footstool by Charles Eames. photographed by Lisa Cohen.

Getting ready to work remotely…

Although we recently renovated and moved into our beautiful Woolhara Studio, we have recently made the decision to take MSID remote for the health and wellbeing for our team. This means that our team are adjusting to working from home as we begin to make arrangements for MSID to work remotely.

Prior to moving into our studio, I worked with my team from my home studio for 22 years and at times it can be challenging, so I thought it may be helpful to share my experience and tips on getting the most out of my day in my home studio with you all I hope that this helps you get through these difficult times that we are all facing.

Here are Marylou’s tips for a successful working week from home:

My home studio at Boronia House featuring a Tizio light by Artemide.
Designed by MSID photographed by Maree Homer.

Have a daily routine that includes exercise

Establishing a daily routine for yourself that includes exercise that you enjoy will be very beneficial for not only your body but your mental health too. It will also bring you a new sense of normality.

Set boundaries

Make a decision on what your working hours will be so that you allow yourself downtime and family time. Boundaries and discipline work best for me, however, you might enjoy the new-found flexibility of your position. For me personally, I chose to never work at night or over the weekend, there were exceptions at times, but for the most part, I tried to stick to these boundaries to ensure a work/life balance for myself and my family.

Dress the part

Always get ready for the day, making yourself presentable and feeling like you’re ready for the day and your role. Be dressed ready for clients for reps for going out to a meeting. As comfortable as it can be working in your gym or Pilates gear can be, it doesn’t leave you ready for what the day might bring, such as a last-minute meeting or video call, I also believe that it helps with your mental health and well-being to have daily dressing as part of your workday routine.

Be prepared

Keep a fridge full of fresh food, and prepare yourself some lunch ready to eat so you don’t have to feel that you are always in your kitchen preparing food.

during work hours, do what works for you

I kept domestic chores for out of work hours, but don’t feel stressed if it works for you to unpack the dishwasher or put a load of washing on. As we tend to sit a lot during the day, it might be a productive use of your time to get away from your desk for a few minutes to get something done.

Try to avoid the temptation to visit your favourite social networks as they prove to be a wasteful distraction, stick to your to-do list!

Make a space just for your work

Create an environment that is conducive to working. Make an area in your home for your office, it might be a spare room, study, or a corner somewhere. But have a spot that’s yours. Keep it clutter-free and organised. Ideally, a space that is near a window to allow for natural light and fresh air to flood in. Try adding a vase of flowers or a plant and anything else that might keep you motivated throughout the day,

Ensure your space is well lit, overhead lights and/or a task(desk) light should do the trick. Simply changing the light globe of your task lamp to a cooler temperature can enhance productivity and focus.

tips for working from home

Light and bright working space with this fabulous desk chair by Cassina
Designed by Stephanie Nadel in Hampstead, London, and photographed by Daniel Nadel

keep your environment clean and well ventilated

It probably goes without saying, but keeping your workspace at home well ventilated with fresh flowing air, as well as regularly cleaning your surfaces will go a long way, Be sure to finish your day by cleaning your desk and leaving your space tidy for the next day.

Would you like some assistance with curating your home office space?
We would love to help- don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we can offer online consultations via Skype in the comfort of your space.
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  • Alon Berman
    Posted at 21:08h, 27 March Reply

    Thanks for these wonderful tips. I have been working from home for the past 14 months and had to figure some of these lessons out. I put a chin-up bar by the kitchen and, whenever I feel tempted to snack, I have to work for it!

    • Marylou
      Posted at 13:03h, 31 March Reply

      We love this tip! Thanks Alon… One must definitely learn a little self-control when located conveniently close to a fully-stocked fridge!

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