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apartment interior design by Marylou Sobel

Hear some kind words from our client who engaged us to completely design their apartments.

What made you feel called to work with Marylou?

After knowing Marylou on a social level for many years and having children of a similar age we felt attracted to her down to earth and very logical personality. We also felt that she was very understanding and practical.

How did your unit look or feel before working with Marylou and how does it look or feel now?

All our three projects to date were empty new apartments that Marylou decorated completely. Suffice it to say that she has achieved wonderful results and exceeded our expectations every time. The end results have been outstanding and are admired by all our friends who visit the apartments.

What was your favourite thing about working with Marylou, or your favourite part of the process?

Marylou is a real pleasure to work with. She is steady and very even-tempered and does not get flustered. She gets the tasks done in a very efficient and reliable manner with minimal fuss. She is excellent in adhering to a budget and cares about the client’s costs.

She is a very good listener and understands the client but has the ability to contribute a lot of good and original ideas.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with Marylou, but isn’t completely sure yet?

We have just given Marylou our fourth project and are very excited to do so. We look forward very much to working with her and to be inspired by her.

We can tell someone that they will be working with a very honest and talented lady who is a pleasure to deal with. She is totally reliable and delivers much more than she promises. Her fees are very reasonable and she can work well within a budget.

Her work is excellent and she is extremely talented and constantly delivers great outcomes. She is very good with after sales service and not leaving anything undone. She is a perfectionist.

Do yourself a big favour and choose Marylou, you will not be sorry for a moment!

Owners of Harbourside Living Apartment

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