Boronia House

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Building on its European-inspired architecture, this once single-story dwelling, and now a two-story 5 bedroom house, was transformed inside and out to accommodate a growing family, for generations to come. With an eclectic, vibrant collection of paintings and objet d’art to house, a textured, neutral palette was selected.

An indoor/outdoor room extended the boundaries of the home and featured a fireplace, underfloor heating and an exquisite ceiling with timber beams sourced from an old bridge. Travertine flooring, used throughout the home, seamlessly blends the inside with the outside. South African influences are embraced throughout the cohesive design and can be noticed throughout. 

Achieving a timeless elegance with classical French furnishings, it is the love of travel that inspires much of the details to be admired. Custom-made wrought iron railings were designed for the outdoor areas and much consideration and effort was put into finding the perfect fittings to complement them.

This classic family home was finished off in the finest style, with a bespoke hand-carved French oak door. Marylou’s passion for designing homes that last a lifetime has ensured that this home is still perfect and adored by everyone in the family, a timeless elegance that even the youngest members can enjoy. 

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