Working with pattern and texture

Working with pattern and texture

Working with pattern and texture

(Image source: Fabrics by De Le Cuona)

While architecture and the finishes are the foundation of a room, the furniture, texture and pattern will complement and enhance the space and truly bring it to life.

I absolutely love adding fabrics, wall and floor coverings in complementary  prints and textures, as well as adding depth and layers to the room with texture- all aligned and sitting beautifully within the colour palette of the space.

Below, I am sharing with you some of my top tips on working with pattern and texture, I hope that you enjoy. If you have any questions at all, please drop me a comment at the end of the post.

Collect, then edit:

Firstly, starting off with a colour palette in mind; browse fabric swatches in different patterns and start pulling prints and textures that you really like, that you believe will work in line with your existing finishes and furnishing. Sometimes I will use  tone on tone and then throw in one patterned or textured print for punch.

Then, once you have a good collection of prints and patterns, it is time to edit your collection. Take out anything that isn’t really grabbing your attention, or that you won’t believe will work in the space. Also, consider the steps below in the editing process.

Working with pattern and texture

Image source: Ralph Lauren

Get the scale right:

Pairing prints that are different in scale (size) is most likely going to help you get your combinations right. Selecting prints with various scale is a great way to make sure that they compliment each other, rather than clash.

Try working with a print of small scale, paired with a larger print and then larger again- you will need to experiment with different combinations, there is definitely an art to it.

Mix different types of patterns:

When selecting your final pattern combinations, consider pairing different types of patterns- this can be a simple way of getting your mix just right. Try teaming a geometric pattern with florals, watercolour with nautical stripes and even polka dots with botanicals, and so on. Chevron, stripes and geometrics are a great base and a good way to get started- then, it is just about getting creative!

working with pattern and textureImage source: De Le Cuona

Soften it a little:

By introducing blocks of colour that are within the colour palette for the space, you will soften the overall look beautifully and really bring it all together. You can do this with your sofa selection, wall colour and coffee table, plus break your cushions up if you like with a colour block to compliment your printed cushion selection.

Add that all-important texture:

Introducing texture will add layers and depth to your space, making it feel inviting for the eyes and senses. Texture can come in many forms: fabrics, floor coverings, artwork, wallpaper, raw materials such as wood and stone, greenery and much more.

To start, a simple throw and embroidered cushion will make a big difference- and try adding a vase of flowers to your coffee table or bedside. I believe texture is what will take a great room and turn it into an amazing room!

Working with pattern and texture

Design: Marylou Sobel Photographer: Maree Homer

Bring it all together:

You can bring your look together and take it to that next level, by selecting beautiful objects with smooth, shiny surfaces- these can add balance and a touch of glamour and sophistication.

working with pattern and texture

Image source: here

I hope that the above tips have helped you in your journey to discovering the perfect pattern, colour and texture combinations. In the end, it is all about creating harmony and how it all comes together for your space. Think about how you want to really feel in your home- feelings of luxury, compared to feelings of cheerfulness will provoke different choices in pattern and texture.

Please feel free to drop me a comment below, let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

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  • sally souter
    Posted at 02:13h, 09 December Reply

    I love that last image – where was that one taken?

    • Marylou
      Posted at 01:58h, 11 December Reply

      Its the home of Jonathan Adler’s director of design.

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