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By changing the way people feel about their environment, ultimately it can change the way they feel about themselves

We offer a bespoke design service where our clients are the most integral part of the journey.

Embedded in our ethos is a timeless aesthetic, with an emphasis on comfort, attention to detail, craftsmanship, luxury and soul, a curated aesthetic that evokes an emotional response.


About Marylou

Marylou Sobel, one of Australia’s premier interior designers, is known for the exceptional service and the unique, one-of-a-kind interiors she creates for prominent clients around the country.

Marylou, an award-winning designer, customises and personalises her designs to fit each client’s lifestyle, saving them time, money and stress in the process.

Clients use words like “fantastic,” “outstanding,” “incredible style and taste,” “extremely talented,” and “a pleasure to work with” to describe her. She has designed four homes for a single client, and often works with different generations of the same family.

She is a past winner of the “Top 50 Rooms” honours by Australian House & Garden magazine, and other design awards, and her work has been featured in several publications, including the book “Interior Design Review” by Andrew Martin.

Marylou Sobel Interior Design collaborates with homeowners across Australia, designing their new homes as well as refurbishing their existing ones. The firm is aligned with some of the nation’s leading furniture and cabinet makers, painters, flooring specialists, architects, landscape architects, builders, artisans and other industry professionals.

Marylou’s experience growing up and working in South Africa, her mixed heritage, her extensive travels and her participation in worldwide industry trade shows have provided her with a unique understanding of and appreciation for the latest international design trends.
Her clients benefit from the project management, communication, organisation and other skills she gained during her highly successful earlier career working for one of the world’s leading architecture and design firms.

“I’m passionate about seeing things come together from concept to creation,” says Marylou, who has more than 30 years of design experience “And I’m passionate about seeing people happy and exceeding their expectations at the end of the process.”

About Stephanie

What makes Stephanie Nadel’s success story so remarkable is that she has come so far, so fast.

Stephanie, the senior designer at Marylou Sobel Interior Design, has gained more experience, and handled more responsibilities in the past five years than many other design professionals take on in their careers.

Stephanie, a multi-talented full service professional, carried out a wide variety of commercial and residential design tasks while she was based in London. She worked for three prominent interior design firms, as well as on her own, and served clients around the world.

In the process, she helped complete within 12 weeks the design and installation of a penthouse suite on The World, the luxury residential yacht that circumnavigates the globe. Prior to this Stephanie lead the full refurbishment of a lavish, Grade II listed, five bedroom home in the Hampstead Garden suburbs in London.

During her five years in London, she worked with Gensler, the world’s largest collaborative design, planning and consulting firm; MoreySmith, a leading design and architecture studio, and Fiona Barratt Interiors, an award-winning luxury design firm.

Assisting with projects for those firms, launching her own residential practice, and interacting with vendors worldwide provided her with project management, creative problem solving, sourcing, technical and other skills that benefit her clients today.

Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Interior Architecture degree at the University of New South Wales.

While she is adept in several aspects of design, she’s particularly interested in the challenge of refurbishing existing spaces. “I enjoy the problem solving that’s involved with existing buildings,” she says. “Although it is always a privilege to design alongside a team to create new and innovative structures, I love creating meaningful design from older properties and taking inspiration from heritage details.”


About Emma

Our Interior Architect Emma Evans has been a valuable addition to the MSID team. Emma continues to inspire with her distinct experience and unique approach to the projects she takes on. Her design philosophy is woven throughout her work by way of her respect for the site’s history and architectural elements, resulting in unique and meaningful results for her clients.

Emma has spent time living and working out of London, where she travelled to numerous cities, immersing herself in some incredible cultures and surroundings. Emma was exposed to the world of art, design and innovation and she brings this diversity and experience to MSID. Emma joined boutique design firm Bowler James Brindley in London and worked on projects with prominent clients including W Hotels.

Whilst this international experience had a profound impact on Emma’s work, her understanding of what it takes to bring together beautiful, functional and cohesive spaces for the hospitality industry, as well as commercial and residential projects makes Emma an asset to MSID.

Emma earned her Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of New South Wales.

“I enjoy learning and understanding the way people inhabit their spaces and then how we can transform them.”

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