How to take coastal style up a notch and create a sophisticated seaside space

Modern Private Residence With Dramatic Living Room Overlooking The Ocean

How to take coastal style up a notch and create a sophisticated seaside space

Coastal style is one enjoyed by many, with its relaxing appeal reminiscent of days spent on the sand by beautiful blue shorelines. Today, I’m excited to help you take your coastal style up a notch and create a sophisticated space, using considerations from your environment like beautiful textures, colour palettes and the elements.

Open Living

Often a key to any sophisticated space is open living. Think; a large eat-in kitchen area that flows into a living space and outdoor living space. There is something grand about large open spaces that flow into each other, reflecting the expansiveness of the sea itself. It provides a feeling of freedom and open fresh air.

Open living spaces in coastal homes

Unknown designer and source, via Pinterest

Large Windows

Amplify surrounding views with large panes of glass that make what is visible beyond a statement of the space. Additionally, use large windows to let in the glorious sun and warmth, which can even change the mood of the space throughout the day as the sun rises and sets.

Coastal interior bedroom with styled into a sophisticated seaside space

Image via Modern Interior Concepts

Large glass sliding doors that can slide away exposing vast open areas can be spectacular for connecting the interior with the exterior, making it one unified space.

large sliding doors for a sophisticated coastal interior

Unknown source via Pinterest

On a practical note, you can use internal or external shutters on windows, which will help you control light and privacy, while at the same time adding aesthetic value.

coastal interior design shutters in a sophisticated coastal home

Image from This Is Glamorous found via Pinterest

Materials and Architecture

To create a sophisticated seaside space, use building materials that are in sympathy with the surroundings. This could include wood, concrete, glass, even painting the house in an earthy tone.

When building the home itself, insulate it to keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, keeping it as an easy, relaxed style of living. To do this you could use double brick or sandstone to name a few possibilities. Also look at sustainable materials and finally, consider the area and country the home is in when designing it. Timber beams, exposed rafters and flat roofs are appealing when designing a more Mediterranean house, for example.

croatia coastal interior

Image from landscape architect, David Kelly, via Deavita

Landscape Design

In a coastal home, the outside is just as important as within. The interior should celebrate and accentuate what is on the exterior; the beautiful seaside region within which the space resides. Consider the landscape and garden surrounding the property, and design the outdoor area to complement the interior and vice-versa.

It is always wonderful to have a fountain, as the sound of running water can be so tranquillising. As well, a swimming pool adds another dimension to the functionality of the property and the aesthetic. Also consider fireplaces, both external and internal for colder months.

Island of Capri coastal home sophisticated seaside coastal interior

Image via Elle Decor

Interior Design and Styling

Your interior choices should be both practical and beautiful for a sophisticated seaside space. Use blues, greens, sand and earthy colours. Keep the design simple, without losing the comfort, luxury and aesthetic elements.

coastal living turned into a sophisticated seaside space

Image via Decor Com Gigi

Both fabrics and furniture should be practical. For example, you may wish to sit around in wet bathers, so indoor/outdoor fabrics are a good consideration. However, incorporate those elements of comfort and luxuries like large comfortable seating arrangements for relaxing, like daybeds, chaise lounges and hammocks.

Sophisticated seaside furniture

Unknown source found via Pinterest

A large dining table to meet the maximum amount of people can be placed in the kitchen. It can be a hub of the house, which can be used for many purposes such as eating, playing games, chatting, preparing food; a practical and social space for enjoying one another’s company. If possible, position this table to take in the views of the ocean beyond.





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