“Think of the consultation as a discovery process. As I explore your property or plans and get to know more about you, I provide real-time feedback, ideas and insights during the meeting, that are yours to keep and use however you like.” – Marylou Sobel

Interior Design

What is the initial consultation and how does it happen?

The initial consultation is preferably held at the property that you are wishing to work with us to design, or in our studio if your project is still in development (a new build home for example). This allows Marylou to gain the best possible understanding of the space. The consultation will usually take between 1.5 – 2 hours in total. Video consultations are also available, but generally only under exceptional circumstances such as a property in a different state or country.

What is discussed during the initial consultation?

The consultation is the foundation of the entire project. The consultation allows Marylou an insight into your home, your family, your personality. This allows Marylou to form a solid brief for the project. Some of the key areas of discussion are:

  • Understanding the space that will be focussed on. For example the scope of work, style of home, layout, number of rooms.
  • Gaining insight into the people that will be living in the space. This helps Marylou to understand how the space will be used, enabling MSID to create a design that not only suits your style but is functional.
  • During this time Marylou will get to know your style, taste, likes and dislikes during the conversation. Whether you like certain colours, patterns, materials, or if you would like to work around particular pieces of art or furniture that you are very fond of. This is all very important to learn at this early as it will ensure that the brief is on point.
  • Cover any questions that you may have, whether it be about the budget, the process, the property, the design… anything goes.
Interior Design
Marylou Sobel in the doorway of her home

Why is the initial consultation valuable?

The consultation allows for a deeper understanding of the overall scope of the project, which gives an insight into budget expectations and planning. This is incredibly useful as budget planning for larger projects is often difficult without a professional opinion.

Marylou is an expert, award-winning interior designer with decades of experience in this field. During the consultation process, you will gain unique access to this experience and expertise, tailored to your project.

As you get a better understanding of each other, it is also an important opportunity to see if you (the client) and Marylou Sobel (and her talented team) are a good fit to work together on your interior design project.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to understand the importance of the consultation process. It is key to identify and understand not only the home or space that a client is seeking to utilise the skills an interior designer for but (just as importantly) the client’s vision, needs, style, likes and dislikes, functionality requirements and so much more.

If you would like to book a consultation with Marylou please get in touch with our studio. Kindly note, that the first consultation carries a fixed fee, payable ahead of your appointment.

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