Interview with Daniel Nadel, Photographer

daniel nadel

Interview with Daniel Nadel, Photographer

For this latest blog post, I had a chat with local Sydney photographer, Daniel Nadel. Daniel is a talented photographer who also happens to be my son in law, so I am most excited to have him share with my readers some insights into his photography.

I also wanted to take a look into decorating with photography and ways of incorporating photography in the home and office as a form of art. We discuss this in the interview, as well as ways hang your prints and sourcing and selecting the perfect piece for your space.

I hope that you enjoy the interview, let me know your thoughts on photography in the home in the comments below.

daniel nadel

One Of The Five Lands, Monterosso
Daniel Nadel

Daniel, thank you for taking the time to be here on my blog, I would love it if you could please share with my readers, a little bit about your background and photography work. How did you first develop an interest in photography?

My pleasure. I first got into photography when I was travelling in my gap year. Having just finished school and wanting to explore the world, I purchased my first “Minolta” film camera in London and thought of what a great way this was to document my life, and my surroundings.

What makes a good photograph to you?

Photography is very subjective, however, I feel it is all about composition/framing of the image. And to also have patience which can, in turn, produce a good picture.

decorating with photography

Pasticceria In Ercolano, Italy
Daniel Nadel

Do you have a preference with regards to what you prefer to shoot e.g. landscapes or people?

I think I would have to say I prefer shooting people in situations. Having said that, I do not mind a landscape, however, I find they can be a little bit post-cardy.

decorating with photography

Family Time Baia dei Turchi
Daniel Nadel

When someone is sourcing and selecting a printed photograph for their home, do you have any advice for them on selecting the perfect image?

I think the “perfect” image for a home has to work within the space you imagine it going, which can then determine the other details like size, colour or b&w, contrasty or flat, what type of frame. So each area/room should actually take precedence over the image. First, decide where it goes and then you can work out what you like.

daniel nadel

It Should Always Be Seasonal
Daniel Nadel

There are decisions to make when working out how to best display a print- from more traditional methods such as framing and wrapped canvas, to printed wallpaper and acrylic. Do you have any suggestions or points to consider when working out what is right for a space?

I think you need to use the surroundings and furnishes/finishes in a room to help make the above decision you have mentioned. It’s all about what style of room it is, what colours are featured and then how you would like add to the space.

Photography techniques and technology seem to be changing and innovating at a rapid pace. Do you like to keep up with these trends and new methods, or do you prefer to stick with your own style and equipment?

I usually like to stick to what I know and have been doing for over the last 15 years and that is shooting all my personal work on film using the variety of film cameras I have acquired over the years. However, I do think it is important to adapt (within reason) to the ever rapid world of digital media and instagram.

No Tourists Here, Monopoli
Daniel Nadel

When one is selecting décor for the walls of their home or office, do you believe that both traditional artwork and photography can coincide seamlessly in the one space? Or, do you believe it should be one or the other? And why?

Again this is a quite a subjective matter and I am not sure there are rules for this. Each home or office will have a different feel so therefore is circumstantial. I do believe that art & photography can work seamlessly in a space yet it can be a little bit harder to get right. But with a good eye and a bit of confidence, I think most things can work in a space.

Capturing a great photograph is one thing, but then there is the editing and developing a process that follows. Do you have any special techniques that you like to use or experiment with during postproduction?

All my personal work is shot on film so you always have a little bit of excitement as to what the image will come out as. Even though you take light meter readings the beauty of shooting on film is that you get what I call “fortunate mistakes”. I have played with a variety of techniques and films used throughout my career. I do like to keep experimenting. For example, I am trying to my hands on expired film.

daniel nadel

Nothing Is Perfect
Daniel Nadel

Hanging a photograph effectively is also the key to making sure it has maximum impact within the space it resides. Can you offer readers any advice or considerations to make when hanging a print?

Hang it straight of course, using a level if you need to. And always at eye level, never too high.

Last, but not least, could you share with readers any news or exciting projects for your photography work that you might have coming up? As well as where we can find you and your work?

I am about having an exhibition, as to when I am not sure. The idea is still brewing. The process for this started in 2014 (over 5 years now) days ago, where every day I put up 1 image on my blog of something that I have taken on one of my film cameras. The image per day can be sub-conscious or might come to mind from an event that occurred that day which I then search for the relevance in one on my pictures. It is all shot on film or Polaroid film and I am thinking maybe after 10 years (3650 days) I will put on an exhibition to show this work. In the meantime, I am always thinking of a concept within this process and putting on an exhibition at a sooner date.

To see more of Dan’s work, see below:

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