Lessons I have learnt as an interior designer

Lessons I have learnt as an interior designer

As the end of another full year draws in, I am finding myself reflecting upon not only my achievements and those of my family, but on the important lessons I have learnt over the years as an Interior Designer.

lessons learnt from an interior designer

With experience comes efficiency, professionalism and the ability to adapt and overcome any issues that may arise. It also ensures that I can accommodate a client’s unique and individual taste in style and aesthetics, which really allows me to be creative in delivering a diverse range of styles to really nail their brief.

Below, I am sharing with you those important lessons. Please feel encouraged to leave a comment and tell me about your own lessons and advice from your career or experience working with a designer.

1. Listen well to the client’s brief
Really listen- try as best you can to understand their needs and how they like to live.

2. Honesty and integrity count for a lot
The more upfront and honest your client/designer relationship is from the start, the more successful and enjoyable the overall process will be.

3. Proportion is very important
Proportion and scale is everything- this takes practice, clever sourcing and an eye for detail.

4. Do things once, properly
There is no use going back to a step and having to redo it due to the lack of attention to detail if something is simply skimmed over quickly. The initial meeting, concept drawings, design phase, client approvals, shopping trips and delivery (plus much more) all requires careful thought and consideration, they should be done once, properly.

5. Quality over quantity
Somehow allot of our world has become about consuming products and disposing of them afterwards. I really like to encourage my clients (and I do so myself) to invest in forever pieces- pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time. Carefully curated home decor, finishes and furnishings is going to bring you years of  joy whilst you spend time in your stunning surroundings.

6. Stay true to yourself
Often, you will have other professionals working on a project with you- most will have an opinion or piece of advice to offer. By all means, we can all use advice and learn from others, however be sure to stick to your own instinct, style and unique ideas.

7. Work to a budget as much as is possible
I always encourage a client to provide me with a budget, then I stick to it. If a client doesn’t give me a budget, I really try to work out what is most important to them and shape the budget around their desires, ensuring that they are done exceptionally well.

8. Client is king, try to always be available for their needs.
Where would I be without the client? My clients are what keeps me working in my passion as an Interior Designer, I always treat my clients with upmost respect, honouring their needs and wishes.

Would you like to have a conversation about the design process and working with me on your next design project?

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I hope to hear from you soon.

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