Louis Vuitton – Objet Nomades 2015

Louis Vuitton – Objet Nomades 2015

Louis Vuitton and the LV company are best known for their monogrammed luggage – in fact, they are arguably the world’s most famous producer of luxury travel goods, a reputation that began over 160 years ago when Louis Vuitton manufactured his first trunk for travel in Paris.

Now Louis Vuitton has transcended luggage and has become an icon of luxury consumer goods – in particular, clothing, accessories, jewellery, spirits, and travel books.  In 2012, in their habit of pushing the boundaries of luxury goods, Louis Vuitton partnered with some visionary designers (Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Christian Liaigre, Nendo, and others) to create a collection of interior products.  The collection – called Objet Nomades –  is a range that fuses luxury furniture design and travel, and includes chairs, lamps, foldable furniture and travel accessories.

This year, Louis Vuitton added to the Objet Nomades line, collaborating with more visionary designers (Campagna Brothers, Maartin Baas, Patricia Urquiola, etc.) to create some of the most stunning pieces – which I fully intend to rave about here for a bit! The full collection pays homage to what Louis Vuitton does best – travel goods – presenting travel-inspired furnishings, including a foldable bed, living room furniture in Nomade leather, lamps, a travel cabinet, and various decorative pieces. Whilst all the pieces in the collection are wonderful, there are 3 pieces in particular that are just amazing:

The beach chair

beach 2

Cocoon – the stunning egg-shaped chair


And – my favourite – the swing chair (made with nylon rope and gold-plated hooks)

swing chair lv

With their organic shapes and fabulous choice of colour and natural materials, they are all so aesthetically pleasing and stylish but still functional. I could happily live with each one of these! (I especially love the feeling of floating in a chair!)

Although the Objet Nomades line is not really a departure from Louis Vuitton’s core merchandise (travel goods), at times in the past, criticism has been levelled at fashion houses that crossover to interiors (or other design genres).  For me, I think that it is wonderful.  Design is design, after all; it crosses all platforms and genres – there should be no boundaries.  There is a strong connection with design each season with regard to aesthetics, fashion, fabrics, colours, texture and, above all, inspiration! I welcome more of these crossovers!

M x

All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton

For more information, visit www.louisvuitton.com/

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