Take away the mystery of calling in a designer

how to work with an interior designer

Take away the mystery of calling in a designer

If you are about to embark on building or remodelling your home or commercial space, there is a chance that you may have considered appointing an interior designer. I’m often engaged in interior design services for projects such as: large houses, kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, concept design, furniture selection, artwork selection, window coverings, reupholstering and more.

A design project may feel overwhelming to you at the start, but it is a process that is made much easier and more enjoyable when you find the right interior designer.

I always say, that if you are going to the trouble to do something, you should do it really well, and hiring an interior designer is the way to ensure that your project runs seamlessly and you end up with a space that you can be proud of and enjoy every day.

My role as interior designer is to work closely with you to ensure that your living spaces are exactly as you desire- I want you to come home and love your space.


reclaimed wood made into table

Below I am sharing some suggestions to take into account when calling in an interior designer for your next project:Work out what you want before your first meeting:

1. Have a vision for your home

Having a big picture vision for what you want your home to look like is really important, and then the finer details can be taken care of by your designer. Consider the following before your first consultation:

  • Know how you want to feel in your home, what emotions do your want to evoke when coming home each day?
  • Know what colours do you enjoy, as well as any colours you would rather stay away from.
  • What is your favorite style?
  • Having some photos on hand that reflect your personal style preference to show the designer will be helpful.
  • If I have done my job properly, the finished product should reflect your sense of style and lifestyle.

2. Know your budget

Having a precise budget, or a good idea of your budget will ensure that your interior designer has clear set boundaries to work within. It may also mean that you might want to consider doing the project in stages, depending on the scope of work that is to be undertaken.

It not only helps your designer in making the right choices for the project, but it ensures that both parties are on the same page and this will avoid coming up against any surprises.

3. Consider which furniture pieces and objet you would like to stay.

When embarking on a new design project, one of the first steps is to work out what pieces are to stay, and what is to go. Having a think about your existing furniture and artworks ahead of your first consultation will ensure that you do not make any decisions when feeling under pressure.

Consider the following points before the consult:

  • When designing a home or room, the initial concepts might be inspired by a particular piece of furniture or artwork.
  • It is important to clearly communicate with the designer from the outset if you have any existing pieces that hold sentimental value or otherwise if you wish to hold onto them.

4. Be as transparent and honest as possible

Let your designer know the truth, be up front from the start- establishing an honest and open relationship is only going to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the final product. I have some tips below:

  • Feel free to ask as many questions about the process as you like
  • Read all correspondence; ask questions about anything in the proposal that you do not understand.
  • It is important to develop an honest relationship right from the start, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process

5. Keep an open mind and have trust

Having trust in your designer is really important. If you are confident and genuine in your design brief, it is the role of the designer to ensure that this brief has been met. A designer has the experience and qualifications and is an expert in their field, so you need to hire a designer that you can trust and keep an open mind with- this way, their suggestions and guidance can be taken with full confidence.

  • It is important to keep an open mind, as sometimes your designer may suggest something that you may have not thought of previously.

It is very important to me to meet your goals and exceed your expectations; as a designer, I will always listen to my clients with an open mind. I will also offer my industry insights, experience and professional advice.


The service I offer is to design your interior to a brief that you have supplied, if I have done my job correctly, the choices and selections that you may come up against will be an easy and fun process.

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