Why Should You Work With Marylou Sobel Interior Design

If you’re considering using an interior designer for your home, it is important to work with somebody who understands your vision and can turn that vision into a reality.

Every Step is Important

Every step of the design process is important to us. From the initial consultation, tender, construction, to the final installations and handover. It is our astute attention to detail at each touch point in the process that guarantees the desired outcome for us and the client.


Building Relationships

We ‘hold’ and ‘carry’ our clients throughout, treating them like family and making them feel like they are our only clients and our number one priority. It is forming these strong, collaborative relationships that allows us to do our very best work.


Holistic Approach

Marylou Sobel Interior Design takes a holistic approach, whereby from the front door through the entire home, we ensure the aesthetic, colour palettes and textures are cohesive throughout, creating seamless spaces that flow easily.



The Collaboration

We find that it is the collaborative effort between us and our clients that sets us apart. Our team works closely to formulate the brief and then bring that vision to life, together.



An invitation to collaborate

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