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Working with colour in interior design is one of the ways we can achieve a cohesive design across all elements of the space and home. A lot of people aren’t that brave with colour, and that’s okay. Colour is in the eye of the beholder. Do you prefer blue or green? I find that people will generally prefer one or the other, which then directs us to another spectrum of colours (some like both of course). Let’s explore how to effectively use colour within interior design. 

Wallaroy Road

Creating a colour scheme

Our clients will guide us with what colours they like as the basis for creating their colour scheme for the home. One of our clients loves colours that have acidity; lime greens, yellows, oranges. These simple colours allow us to explore different colour options within those palettes, creating a tailored colour scheme that is unique to their personality. 

Creating a colour scheme is more about tonal combinations than colour combinations. Whether a colour has warm or cool undertones will determine compatibility, keeping warm colours together and cool colours together. I am drawn towards what I describe as “Sunbleached” colours or very strong deep colours.

Colour inspiration

Inspiration for your colour scheme can come from anywhere. It could be a treasured piece of inherited art or a beloved chair. A favourite flower found in the foliage outside, or the colour of the trees, views of the ocean. Or simply your own personal favourite colours. 

Colours are a journey, you may find something special and the colours can work back in the most mysterious of ways. As an interior designer, I am never designing in isolation, so consideration of colour is given to every aspect of design from paint finish colours to fabrics, patterns and textures, lighting and fixtures. Each room can be different in the home, but there must be something that links it all together to ensure a cohesive design outcome. Colour is a beautiful way to do this. If I’m looking to bring things together, the hue or the colour, I can remember in my head and it helps curate the process. 

The Relais Christine, Paris - Bedroom Design
Relais Christine, Paris

Playing it safe with colour

Although some of my clients are fixed on the use of bold colours in their homes, others prefer to opt for a more neutral colour palette, with accents of colour. Clients often feel more comfortable and confident with neutral colours, as they are less likely to grow out of colour choices or want to make changes sooner rather than later. If you’re working with light colours, having a dark accent colour like charcoal works really well in a space, and can be subtly incorporated into the design. 

Whether a neutral approach or a strong colour that speaks to an individual’s personality or feeling, I tend to keep the colours and tones cohesive across the entire project. Bringing a sense of calm and continuity to the project. I might throw in a pattern of colour for impact somewhere, to add intrigue. 

My favourite colour combinations

When it comes to colour, I love neutrals as they work back with well with other neutral colours such as black, brown, charcoal, certain tones of green, taupe, white and stone, a few of many more examples I could give. You can find these colours throughout my own home, wardrobe, our studio… the colours used in your interior design you will find are the colours that you use generally in your day-to-day life, a true reflection of and representation of who you are. 

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The Relais Christine, Paris - Bedroom Design

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