Inspiration Piece: Interior Design in Sydney

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Inspiration Piece: Interior Design in Sydney

Inspiration Piece: Interior Design in Sydney

I have called Sydney home now for 36 years. It’s a city that still continues to inspire me as an interior designer. In comparison to Europe (for example), Australia’s buildings are still fairly new, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have unique character and history in their own right. The same is to be said for the different styles of homes that can be found here in Sydney that we find ourselves designing and bringing to life for our clients. From the Edwardian style federation homes to the Victorian terraces found in the inner city, right up to the new contemporary homes and apartments replacing post-war homes that once stood there. Each has its own unique characteristics and charm, each with its own spark of inspiration for me. 


Challenges of interior design in Sydney

That said, Sydney homes are not without their challenges. But what would life be without its little challenges along the way? Let’s look at a few. 


Coastal propertiesapartment interior design

Sydney is famous for its picturesque harbour, a city literally surrounded by ocean, and the endless option of beaches to enjoy an evening stroll or a morning swim. Naturally, given the spectacular scenery on offer, so many homes are located as close to the water as possible, soaking in those ocean or harbour views. We love it, the opportunity to make the inside of a home as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as all that nature has to offer. But this is when our interior design skills are really put to work, delicately balancing the practicality of external materials (to avoid unwanted erosion or decay), how the home will be used (after that morning dip are you returning home fresh from a dip in the salty ocean?), with a carefully crafted design. Your home should reflect your way of living. 



Smaller spaces

bedroom interior designWe have been fortunate enough to work in some generously sized homes over the years in Sydney, but we have also worked on many projects where space has been an issue. As great as it is living right in the heart of a city, with everything Sydney has to offer right on your doorstep, unfortunately, you aren’t the only one, and that means more houses in less space, typically meaning smaller homes. But we don’t let smaller spaces hinder our designs. When working with a smaller space, it is important to achieve the correct proportions of joinery and furniture. My motto? “Bigger is better”. A smaller room doesn’t necessarily mean small items or even fewer items. The challenge is in selecting the right materials that bounce the light from them and add depth, helping the limited space to feel much larger. 

But where there are challenges, there are also many rewards. Working in Sydney has allowed me to take my design inspiration from around the world, and incorporate it into these treasured properties for my clients. I won’t tell you that Sydney interior design has a specific style, as the work we do speaks to our clients’ own individual personalities, lifestyles and of course, their homes.

As another summer comes to an end and winter rolls in, I’ll be reminded once again of why I love this part of the world. As I watch the trees display their wonderfully autumnal colours once again, or feel that fresh crisp sea air whip around my face. And I’ll continue to take inspiration from it all.

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