Where I find my inspiration

Where I find my inspiration


I find inspiration in so many places


It could be whilst travelling to other countries and admiring the gorgeous architecture in countries like Italy and France, just walking around beautiful suburbs (at home in Sydney, or abroad), seeing art in the wonderful galleries around the world (including Australia), walking around beautiful gardens, or spending time at design fairs.

I’m inspired by design books and magazines… and I – like so many of us – find Instagram very powerful.

I also find inspiration from flowers, from nature, forests and beaches… and of course, from all the beautiful fabrics I source. I love the combination of texture, colour, pattern and weave that makes up a fabric.


Most recently, I was inspired at the DEN Fair, which is an exclusive design trade event, showcasing Australian designers and manufacturers


I loved some of the lighting and furniture stands, specifically the Rakumba lighting based in Melbourne, and Lounge Designer Furniture’s beautiful sofas.

I’m doing a nursery for a family and I saw some gorgeous rugs specifically for children’s rooms. I was so inspired by the rugs I ended up specifying one of them for the nursery and my clients absolutely loved it.

I also saw lighting, which I have specified for one of my client’s kitchen.

It’s the textures and materials that I find so inspiring- when I see a beautiful piece I just start imaging how I can use it, for which clients, and in which room of their house or office.

As soon as I feel inspired, whether it’s while walking through a fair, a garden, a gallery or museum, or while flicking through a beautiful magazine, or sometimes (as is often the case) in those spaces in between when I’m just drinking coffee or relaxing, I write down what’s inspired me in a notebook I keep close to me. I may also start looking for fabric, or some other element I can include in a client’s project.


3 close up images of flowers, feathers and a blanket


When inspiration finds you, my best tip is to write it down, go out and source the inspiration, or begin drawing or sketching a design


If I’m ever feeling creatively blocked, I stop what I am doing and change tactics.

This might mean I look at the design from another perspective. I may look through different books and new magazines. Sometimes starting in a different place helps too, so I may even begin a design with the fabrics, or finishes, such as the tiles, and then develop the furniture or floor layout.


When it comes to finding inspiration, don’t overthink it; let the design flow organically


Don’t put pressure on yourself as this blocks creative energy.

I have been known to turn on the light in the middle of the night to write my thoughts down.

Pay attention to detail and your surroundings…

And when your muse comes (and she will), honour her, write it down, and start your design.


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