Contour Clinics

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The brief was to design a clinic with Contour Clinics brand strategy of a welcoming, calming place ensuring a positive experience when coming for cosmetic surgery; a place that did not feel like a medical clinic.
The colour palette was to represent the brand in a very subtle and soothing way. The existing tenancy was long and narrow. We created a spine to the clinic with treatment rooms to either side. To ensure the length of the corridor did not look too daunting, another lounge area was positioned midway. Arches along the corridor were also designed to break up this space.
Gentle curves to walls and false curtain walls add the softness to the space whilst still reflecting the brand. The paint application to the walls also has a gentleness, showing movement and texture. The design is innovative in a sense that it paves a new way to approach design when it comes to clinical and medical practices.
Rather than creating spaces that clearly emphasize sterility, which has been done traditionally for clinics and hospitals alike, a conscious decision has been made to do the opposite; to dissociate the design from the actual function of the space.

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