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As we step into a new year, I’ve been taking a moment to reminisce about the homes I’ve had the pleasure of designing in Sydney. I thought it would be fun to share some of the standout experiences and highlights, all the while celebrating the incredible relationships we’ve cultivated with our fantastic clients.

Natural stone outside shower - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney

A Dream Come True

I’ll start with one of my favourites, maybe because it’s every woman’s dream to have the space to convert a bedroom into a walk-in-wardrobe / dressing room. This particular space had a beautiful ornate curved window with exceptional views over Sydney Harbour and the lush greenery surrounding the home. This provided an opportunity to create something really special – we used a unique whimsical wallpaper that was a distinct nod to the natural beauty that could be found on the other side of the window pane, and the finished space was outstanding, with perfectly curated intricate bespoke joinery. 

Ferris Street

One of our more recent interior design projects, this one in particular was a lot of fun to design. The client was very open to the use of bold colours and completely redesigning the living space, and this openness made such a difference, not only making the space more aesthetically pleasing but also practical for the day-to-day life of a busy family. It’s always a pleasure to work on different architectural genres, styles and periods, so having the opportunity to renovate a home that meant so much to the family living there and creating a space that worked perfectly for that generation and future generations to come was incredibly enjoyable. 

Natural stone in kitchen interior design - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney
Marylou Sobel Sydney Interior Designer on site

Marathon Road

My favourite part about the Marathon Road project was the unique way that all of the rooms opened up onto the courtyard garden, it is really unusual. Everything was completely on one level, a really nice space to work within. One of my favourite aspects of this project was the entrance hall flooring, I instantly fell in love with the design development of this space. Black and white floors work so well (read more – Life in Black & White by a Sydney Interior Designer).

Wallaroy Road

This project was really fun for me, as designing the exterior of the home is an added advantage as it has a more cohesive outcome when it relates to the interior of the home, often, and this presented the opportunity to be part of the swimming pool design, very exciting! In fact, this project was a treat to design from start to finish, from the outdoor shower to the gorgeous paper we used in the boys’ bedroom, we created spaces that the family adored. The clients are particularly fond of the whimsical look and feel that we created in all of the children’s bedrooms, whilst creating designs that will last long into the future as the children grow. 

Villa Vaucluse 

Not in chronological order, I’d like to mention Villa Vaucluse here, while we are speaking of designing outside areas for clients. This project presented the opportunity to design an outdoor BBQ and pizza oven area, which is always lots of fun. It was incredibly satisfying to achieve the Italian/Mediterranean look and feel for that space that our clients wanted.

Centennial Park

As with all of the clients that we work with, our Centennial Park client completely trusted me and gave us complete freedom to design. Designing the kitchen for this home was a particular highlight for me. The expansive space offered an unparalleled scale to work with. From the hidden pantry to bespoke window seating areas everywhere you look in this space radiates a distinctive aesthetic tailored to the client’s taste. This project made it into the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review publication, a great honour in the interior design industry. 

Harbourside Living

Although I would be quick to say one of my favourite things about working on this home would be the breathtaking views outside, it was actually taking those mesmerising colours and bringing them from the outside in. The entire apartment design was very colourful and a lot of fun to design, making you feel like you are part of the harbour itself. The views from Dumaresq Road of the harbour were also pretty spectacular. 

Boronia House

I love a challenge, and designing the patio area in Boronia House was an unusual task. Having to create an indoor yet outdoor space that would work all year round, for a number of occasions. The wooden beams on the ceilings are actually original sleepers from a railway station. Its surprise nuances like that make the design so interesting, not just to look at but to appreciate in its entirety. 

Made In Australia

I try to support Australian artists, manufacturers and suppliers as much as I can. Longueville and Caulfield Residence were both projects that so much of the interior design was made here in Australia or was made by Australian artisans. I could list all of the different items made here especially for those projects, from upholstery to benches, to bedside tables. 

New Challenges

What really excites me the most is new challenges. Everything I have detailed here today (and I’m only just touching on a few of my favourites) was an interesting challenge for me and the team to tackle. And these challenges come in many different forms. Cowper Wharf for example was the challenge of a completely blank canvas to work within. It was just a huge big open space, the living area was simply a huge hall with some columns. So the satisfaction of turning it into an intimate space, while giving the client what they need and want, whilst being able to enjoy the beautiful views of Wollomooloo was special. Always looking forward to the next new challenge. 

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