Meet the Marylou Sobel Interior Design Team

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Meet the talented and experienced Marylou Interior Design Team.

Natural stone outside shower - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney

Marylou Sobel – Head Designer/Principal

With four decades of design experience in the industry, I commenced my career in Australia 27 years ago, eventually finding my professional home in this Woollahra studio nearly five years ago. Design isn’t merely a profession for me; it’s a lifelong passion that has defined my journey from an early age.

Even in my youth, I possessed an acute awareness of my surroundings, drawn to the beauty and elegance of well-designed spaces. As early as 8 years old, I found myself yearning to curate and create, with a desire to transform even my own bedroom into a haven of personal expression.

My inherent design style reflects an eclectic blend of influences, notably inspired by European aesthetics. I have a keen eye for detail, finding beauty in the intricacies of ornate cornices, refined skirting, and the transformative power of exquisite lighting. To me, home represents more than mere shelter; it’s a canvas for artistic expression, a sanctuary where every detail contributes to a harmonious whole.


I am the Associate Designer here at Marylou Sobel Interior Design. My journey began with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture right here in Australia, but it was my international ventures that truly shaped my expertise. Immersing myself in the vibrant design scenes abroad, I had the privilege of collaborating with some of the industry’s most renowned firms, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience along the way.

Now working at MSID, I bring with me a passion for revitalising existing spaces. There’s something truly magical about breathing new life into old narratives, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage and stories that have unfolded before us. Working alongside Marylou is nothing short of inspiring. Her eye for detail and innate talent for bringing visions to life elevate every project we undertake. It’s so inspiring to work alongside such a talented and driven team, it really encourages us all to bring new heights of creativity and excellence to every project.

Natural stone in kitchen interior design - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney
Marylou Sobel Sydney Interior Designer on site


I’m the Senior Designer here at Marylou Sobel Interior Design, where I’ve been captivating spaces with this team since August 2023. Prior to joining Marylou, I honed my skills over five dynamic years in residential design, immersing myself in the intricate space of interior architecture.

My passion for design and textiles has been a guiding force throughout my journey, igniting a creative spark that fuels my work every day. What sets Marylou’s studio apart is not just the stunning projects we produce, but the incredible support within our team. It’s more than a workplace; it’s a collaborative sanctuary where ideas and innovation thrive.

Marylou herself is not just an employer but a beacon of inspiration and guidance. Her mentorship has been invaluable, pushing me to new heights of creativity. Every day in this dynamic environment is an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to something truly remarkable.


I’m the Intermediate Designer at Marylou Sobel Interior Design, and it’s been an incredible three-year journey! My passion lies in interior architecture, and this job opportunity marked the beginning of my professional career in the field of interior design. Starting off as a junior and now standing proudly as an intermediate, I’ve witnessed firsthand the magic of progression within this dynamic team.

What truly captivated me about Marylou’s ethos is our unwavering commitment to detail. Every project we take on is a masterpiece in precision and thoughtfulness. I thrive in the intricate approach of our design process, where no detail is too small to escape our keen eye. It’s this depth and richness in our approach that fuels my passion for what I do.

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