Perfect Layering In Your Space

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Layering is an enjoyable and rewarding endeavour for any interior design enthusiast, offering endless opportunities for impactful transformations.

Creating a captivating and engaging room involves a masterful blend of textures achieved through the art of layering. Whether it be through furniture, objects, colour, texture or soft furnishings. You need to think of the process as curating a textural, multi-dimensional palette that will add an essential layer of tactile interest and depth to complete the design story of your space!

Natural stone outside shower - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney

Every exquisite space demands an infusion of texture. While colours and tones can visually warm a room, it’s the tactile elements that truly make it inviting.

Today, cushions are among the most cost-effective tools for refreshing your home! Consider the transformative power of perfectly-placed cushions. These stylish accents not only elevate the visual appeal of your sofa or bed but also infuse the space with a cosy and inviting ambiance!

The essence of layering lies in harmonising a cohesive colour palette with subtle variations, crafting a visually and coordinated aesthetic.

By weaving together diverse textures through luxurious fabrics, intriguing materials, and refined finishes, you introduce interest and depth. Patterns can also draw attention to focal points and help build the overall narrative.

Natural stone in kitchen interior design - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney
Marylou Sobel Sydney Interior Designer on site

Striking the right balance is key!

Too much texture can overwhelm, while too little can fall flat. Like colour, texture requires a dominant element to set the mood, complemented by contrasting accents that add flashes of intrigue.

This approach will help fill your room with depth and character and be the cherry on top of your beautiful space!

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