Timeless Elegance: Balancing Classic & Contemporary

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Every interior designer has their own unique, sometimes subtle, signature style. Over the years I’ve come to recognise my signature as timeless elegance. Crafting spaces that withstand the test of time and remain impervious to fashion – a true embodiment of the word ‘timeless’.

Timeless, a definition: not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

Classical, a definition: representing an exemplary standard within a traditional and long-established form or style.

Natural stone outside shower - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney

I love classical interior design, as it is a true representation of the definition of the word. Everything we do is to an exemplary standard and judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind (definition of Classic).

In 2024, the challenge lies in creating a timeless elegance within the modern home – a delicate balance between classic and contemporary. A space designed for the whirlwind of family life, yet steeped in luxury and comfort. A sanctuary that feels both immediately familiar and eternally relevant.

Contemporary Interior Design

The definition of contemporary means belonging to or occurring in the present. Contemporary design, rooted in the present, holds the promise of standing the test of time. What is considered contemporary today can evolve to become classic design, much like the iconic works of designers such as Charles Eames from the 1950s and 60s. The true measure of endurance lies in the quality of both design and materials. 

Natural stone in kitchen interior design - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney
Marylou Sobel Sydney Interior Designer on site

Combining Classical & Contemporary Effortlessly

Classical design has an incredible creative artistic sensibility. I particularly notice this when I am visiting Europe, as I am awed by the attention to detail and the depth and interest that this creates in a space. Classical architecture or ornate antique furnishings that tell their own stories from times past, rich with history. 

Introducing contemporary pieces into a classical environment can create a new dimension within the space. If everything is classical, without any simplicity, it can become quite busy to the eye – whereas combining contemporary with classical makes everything work perfectly in harmony. 

Contemporary features are smooth surfaces, and simple lines, creating a very clean modern finish. This simplicity is the perfect accompaniment to classical, allowing a modern elegance. 

Something Old, Something New

This year one of our focuses is sustainability in interior design. Combining classic with contemporary is a vessel to do this in so many different ways. From preserving or restoring existing classical features to restoring or re-purposing pieces of loved furniture.

Using contemporary fabrics on classical chairs is a great example of how you can achieve a cohesive design that honours both modalities. Or taking a classic fabric and using it on a contemporary piece, there are many ways to combine these two styles with elegance. After all, it’s the quality of the materials that we are working with that will ensure they are as timeless as the design. 

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