Caulfield Residence

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It was our client’s desire that we bring more life, natural light and colour into this double-story freestanding home in Melbourne, and that was what we achieved for this family of five. The interiors of the home were given a complete overhaul and stripped back to the bare bones giving our team a blank canvas to work with. Our client specifically requested that as part of the design process we work with them to procure artwork for the home.

With the introduction of a subtle neutral palette, evocative use of colour, texture and materiality we were able to achieve a remarkable transformation for our clients, whilst giving the interiors a sense of permeance, as if they always looked that way. A special request was a whisky bar for the family room, right there when it is needed, perfect for storage and glassware.

Custom-designed furniture, rich textiles and materials and new art give this home heart and provide an elevated level of comfort, whilst new bathrooms and bespoke cabinetry throughout contribute to a functional yet sophisticated appeal. The transformation far exceeded the client’s expectations, proclaiming that they felt like they were walking into a beautiful hotel the first time they entered their transformed space.

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