How we bring texture to interior design

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Today the often-overlooked element of interior design, texture, is our focus. Texture is not merely a visual aspect of interior design but a tactile symphony that, when orchestrated with experience and finesse, elevates a space beyond the ordinary. 

While colour adds another dimension to design, texture stands as a separate and equally vital element. Even in a monotone environment, the use of textures brings depth and interest. It’s the interplay of light and shadow on varied surfaces that creates a dynamic visual experience.

Natural stone outside shower - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney

Understanding Texture

Texture in interior design is the careful interplay of different surfaces. It’s the grain of timber under fingertips, the softness of upholstery fabrics, the richness of painted walls, and the subtle patterns of wallpaper. It’s a language of touch and sight, a composition of elements that create an immersive and inviting environment.

Finding the delicate balance between too much and too little texture is an art form that is difficult for me to explain. An experienced interior designer possesses an innate ability to balance textures, avoiding the heaviness of excess or the clinical feel of too little.  It’s a skill honed by an astute eye, creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and soulfully resonant.

Mixing and Matching Textures

Mixing and matching textures becomes an alchemical process that creates a rich and layered environment. The interplay of smooth and rough, soft and hard, matte and glossy forms a symphony of tactile experiences, turning a room into an inviting space that embodies the feeling of luxury and sophistication. 

Clients have expressed admiration for my ability to seamlessly integrate various textures, creating designs that are both dynamic and harmonious. This unique eye, my inherent style, becomes the signature that weaves through every project we do.

Natural stone in kitchen interior design - Marylou Sobel Interior Designer Sydney
Marylou Sobel Sydney Interior Designer on site

The Role of Texture

Fabrics hold a special place for me – the ‘touchy-feely’ textures of carefully selected upholstery become a pivotal aspect of creating spaces that resonate with warmth and elegance. The choice of fabric will depend entirely on how it integrates into the overall textural composition of the space. Read more about Flirting With Fabrics.


Texture creates intimacy, cohesiveness, and visual interest – elements that are intricately intertwined with the professional touch of a skilled interior designer. Texture, in its myriad forms, infuses warmth into the soul of a space. It’s a tool that we use to bring a space together. 

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