Fawkner Park

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Situated on busy, connected St Kilda Rd, this 2-bedroom apartment overlooks lush Fawkner Park. Initially a blank canvas, the brief was to make this Melbourne pied-a-terre feel like a home away from home for our client, for whom we have designed multiple residences. Each time ensuring that wherever the home is, the outcome is unique to the individual property and family member/s that will be residing there, yet cohesive to the overall feel of their homes to ensure that whoever they are, they feel comfortable wherever they are.

We used blues, dusky pinks, deep purples and white as the palette and incorporated modern and natural elements, retro furniture and all soft furnishings. The gorgeous, vibrant end result was achieved with wallpaper, textured fabrics and solid colour interspersed with pattern and bold features, and was a perfect complement to the green outlook. “Her work is excellent and she is extremely talented and constantly delivers great outcomes. She is very good with after-sales service and not leaving anything undone. She is a perfectionist. She is a very good listener and understands the client but has the ability to contribute a lot of good and original ideas.” Client (click here to read more). 

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